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At Weavr, we’re reimagining customer engagement at various stages of their journey via curated content and insights

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    Real time signals, overall trends and data science driven insights from 53M+ posts.

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    Discover top tech influencers

    Find developers, open source contributors, tech bloggers and speakers for specific technologies.

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    Measure your Share of Voice

    Benchmark your content outreach and user activity against competitors

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"For me as a CEO, it's crucial to be in close communication with our users and customers, wherever they hang out. Weavr saves me hours a week by bringing the most important conversation to me. It has even found new places and users for me, it's great!"

Ramiro Berrelleza

CEO, Okteto

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"Weavr breaks the mold and has created a platform that tackles one of the most difficult challenges in Technology Influencer Marketing and Developer Relations - quickly turning a skeptic into a true believer."

Mike Stowe

Sr. Manager, Developer Marketing, Ring Central

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One place to discover tech content from 1200+ channels and learn from people curated knowledge boards.

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    Discover Tech Content & People

    Discover hundreds of topics, knowledge boards and like minded people

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    Curate your knowledge boards

    Add content effortlessly from any source to curate your own board

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    Collaborate, Share & Publish

    Collaborate with others, share it with the team or publish in the community

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