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Avinash Harsh
Developer Relations  |  March 17, 2021
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Developers play a key role in deciding the software and services that enterprises use. This means that the buying power of the developer is a lot higher than before. Lead gen and brand awareness campaigns must pay special attention to developer centric messages and channels.

Marketing to Developers has two key components - messages and channels. When drafting developing centric messaging make sure you reflect on:

  • How the product or service makes their lives easier
  • How other developers have benefitted
  • How and where to get support.

Next, figure out channels. Developers rely heavily on communities to find answers to their problems. Conversations on the latest technologies and best products happen on Developer forums and social media channels like Slack, Twitter, Reddit and Quora. As devrel or developer marketers, it is important to:

  • Identify the forums and channels your developers engage in
  • Build the right content to support developer conversations
  • Invest in tools that help understand developer pain points
  • Create developer advocates who can amplify your content and brand

Weavr: Empowering developer marketing and developer relations teams.

Weavr is a continuous intelligence and engagement platform that helps you understand the what, where and why of developer conversations. With a few easy steps, dev rel and dev marketing teams can identify the conversations that are relevant to their brand. In doing so, these teams can identify the right messages, channels and content that developers will appreciate.

Weavr Projects enable dev rel and dev marketing teams to listen, share and amplify developer voices that promote their product. Here is how it works -

Listen Weavr allows you to create a project to listen to all conversations related to your product or technology. One way to do this is by monitoring keywords of interest. For example, a company trying to establish itself in the graph database market can monitor the keyword “Graph Database” to track relevant conversations across various developer forums.

Share A single Weavr project enables you to monitor posts from all social channels like Reddit, Hackernews, Stackoverflow. You can do the same with content channels like Medium, blogs and any RSS feeds including custom google alert feeds. Discover relevant conversations from the developer community and share it with your team through Slack, email, Microsoft Teams or by pinning the content on Weavrboards.

Amplify You can repost interesting mentions and articles from the developer community on your blogs/channels. This helps amplify the positive reviews of your product. Sharing articles through your developer relations team amplifies your reach of the developer community.

Measure With the analytics capabilities of Weavr you can measure if the share of voice has grown as a result of these amplified messages. You can also track your team performance in promoting positive reviews from developer channels. Weavr analytics enables you to measure ROI from your developer relations team.

Author: Avinash Harsh is the co-founder of Weavr AI, a passionate community building and a wannabe cartoonist. Previously co-founder & CEO of Halosys, A MobileFirst API Platform (acquired).

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