Developer Engagement as a Growth Strategy
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Avinash Harsh
Developer Relations  |  October 29, 2019
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In the new API & Platform economy, the real consumer & influencer in buying Tech products is a developer or a technical user. However, technologists are not traditional customers and companies need to have a "Developer Success" mindset to convert the technologists into paying customers. Companies that realize that the marketing & acquisition of technical folks is best served in the form of engagement and timely support are winning the game in this new economy.

Developer engagement & acquisition has now become a part of growth strategy of many companies that are now opening new roles like Developer Relations (DevRel), Developer Marketing and Developer Advocacy.

A framework that I believe will help companies better support and engage developers is illustrated below and I call it a SING & RAP framework. Enjoy the read and please feel free to add your inputs in the comments.










Author: Avinash Harsh is the co-founder of Weavr AI, a passionate community building and a wannabe cartoonist. Previously co-founder & CEO of Halosys, A MobileFirst API Platform (acquired).