Never miss out on a conversation
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Onzali Suba
Developer Relations  |  November 24, 2020
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What is it? - A Slack App to configure and receive notifications for your brand or company or any project from your top developer sources like Stackoverflow, Github, Twitter, Medium, Hackernews, Reddit and Blogs etc.

Why do we need it? - As part of your devrel or marketing or support team, you always want to be on top of all the conversations happening around your product or technology. You might want to jump on in a thread where you could possibly convert a developer to adopt your product. You also want to make sure you acknowledge and respond to any concerns or grievances from your customers or developers on Twitter or answer questions on Stack Overflow as an advocate. You could also find advocates and influencers through new articles written on Medium or other Blogs.

Author: Onzali Suba is a Software Developer at Weavr AI, a Product & Developer Engagement Platform.