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Frequently asked questions

Once you sign up, you can request 1-on-1 meetings with mentors or request to join any interactive peer learning group session with the topic of your interest. The in-app scheduling system sends a notification and once they approve it, you meet via Zoom, Google meet, or any meeting tool of their choice. Our knowledge graph also helps recommend mentors, sessions, and groups based on your interest.

Yes. You can post a question to any mentor by clicking on Ask a Question on the mentor profile page. Prime members can also use the in-app chat to communicate directly with mentors, once they approve.

Learning groups are peer based active learning micro-communities of people with similar interests. All learning groups have pre-vetted mentors willing to share their knowledge either in 1-on-1 or in small interactive group sessions.

Weavr Content Boards are people curated knowledge boards - something like Pinterest for content. Content is curated by real people who have knowledge in their domain and is a great way to learn, especially since there is so much noise, otherwise.

Weavr Mentors are industry thought leaders and domain experts who are willing to share their knowledge. Mentors are carefully chosen by the review team and are invited, referred, or apply with their credentials. Know someone who can become a mentor? Please share this link with them.