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Pavi Sandhu

20+ years experience in developer education at Salesforce, Amazon, etc.

Writing for Engineers

A Workshop on using Helm As A Package Manager For Kubernetes

Thursday, June 3rd. 4pm PST

Online, Limited to 15 members

Price $99

Event information

The purpose of this interactive workshop is to help you convert your technical knowledge into publishable content of interest to the developer community. Sharing your expertise with a wide audience by writing about technical topics can help you develop thought leadership and advance your career. In this workshop, you will learn how to write articles suitable for publishing on LinkedIn, Medium, Weavr, or your own blog. You will go through a series of guided exercises to generate ideas, identify a suitable topic, and create an outline and draft of a blog post you can publish afterward.

Key objectives

  • Learn how writing about technology for a general audience can help you grow your career and gain greater visibility and influence.
  • Learn how writing technical content is similar to and different from writing code.
  • Experiment with a process for generating ideas for topics, and turning them into blog posts or other types of content.
  • Develop a draft of blog post on a technical topic in your area of expertise.
You will leave the workshop with a draft of your blog post. We can provide you editing support to finalize and publish the post, as a follow-up to the workshop.

Pavi Sandhu has 20+ years of experience creating content and leading user education initiatives at technology companies, such as Salesforce, Amazon, Mesosphere, and MongoDB. He co-founded Salesforce's learning platform, Trailhead, which experienced viral growth and now has over 3 million users. He’s also the author of The MathML Handbook and has a PhD in physics from Boston University. He's currently the founder and CEO of a mental healthcare startup in San Francisco called Therabot

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